About Felice

Felice, the Italian inspired Pasticceria.
Smiles should be bold and colourful. Laughter should be loud and noisy. Happiness should be sexy and packed with loads of style! The all-new Felice pasticceria. So European, so happy!
Felice means happiness in Italian.What can be more fun than one big, happy family of flavour lovers! The sweet grand-nonas, the hardy papas, the lovingmamas, the naughty little ones and the naughtier not so little
ones, do we have treats in store for you!
Both sweet and savoury, crafted using the finest ingredients, sourced both from the best farms in
the world as well as local.

  • Designer Cakes

    Designer Cakes (9)

    Our Designer cakes are modern and minimalistic in nature. It is an attempt to give you designs that are out of the ordinary, but "On-Demand" and easily accesible. You can customise these designs by selecting options from various dropdowns and other menus available on each page. This would mean, you can choose the colour of your cake, metallic accents, adding on a "Stencil Text" to side or top of the cake etc. These are pre set designs that you can play with and not "Custom Design" in nature.

The happy chef

From a Pune based techie to a chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu, London, has been an amazing journey. Chef Shruti started Midnight Kakery in 2013 and took it to the next level with her global training, passion and quirky cakes. In 2021, she rafted FELICE– the European inspired pasticceria as Executive chef and co-founder. Delivering spoonsful of happiness, made in India, perfected in London.