Flavour Guide

Apple Pie Cake

Vanilla and Apple spice cake paired with cream cheese buttercream and an additional helping of salted caramel sauce

Inspiration : The most beloved Apple pie, with all its aromats and contrasting tastes has been our foreverfavourite . We wanted to recreate these flavours in a cake form. An upside down spiced apple cake with Granny Smit apples, doused in our beloved salted caramel sauce, paired it with some more salted caramel and a silky smooth cream cheese buttercream

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake paired with cream cheese buttercream

Inspiration : We love our veggies so much, we added some to our cake too! This south american classic, with its autumnal spices and loads of pecans is so so moist owing to the grated fresh carrots. This pairs beautifully with our cream cheese buttercream filling.

Hazel Eyed Beauty

Chocolate cake paired with hazelnut ganache

Inspiration : Whoever does not love nutella! We wanted to create a chocolate cake and pair it with something healthier. The 53% belgian chocolate ganache is mixed with a healthy dose of pure hazelnut paste made in house, and the result is mindblowingly awesome. We added some extra hazelnuts in the cake to raise its oomph factor.

Earthy Berries

Chocolate cake paired with raspberries

Inspiration : Chocolate and tart berries is a match made in heaven. Our decadent chocolate cake is paired with 53% belgian chocolate ganache and topped with some homemade raspberry conserve. This one is a total sinner!

Chocolate Orange

Chocolate and orange cake paired with orange ganache

Inspiration : Orange flavoured Godiva and Lindt chocolates brings back adolscent nostalgia. To relive those days, we wanted to recreate this flavour in a cake form. Freshly squeezed orange juice is added to our ganache made with 53% belgian chocolate. Pairs so beautifully with our decadent chocolate cake made with addition of just the right amount of orange zest.


Vanilla Bean cake paired with 53% belgian chocolate ganache

Inspiration : There are people who would swear by chocolate and then there are people who would swear against chocolate. Then there are few who want just a bit of chocolate. This one is for the third category, the best of vanilla and 53% belgian chocolate. The subtle and perfumed taste of vanilla and just enough bitters from the chocolate.

Vanilla Raspberry

Vanilla Bean cake paired with raspberry buttercream

Inspiration : As a baker one can understand how very and extremely (yes all the superlatives are an absolute must here!) difficult it is to get a basic vanilla cake right! And when we got ours pefect after a gazillion trials, we had to pair it with a not so sweet pairing. Welcome raspberries to picture! Raspberry buttercream and homemade raspberry conserve plays a perfect foil to this delicate vanilla bean cake.

Lime and Blueberry

Lime cake paired with lime curd buttercream and blueberry conserve

Inspiration : Citrus and Blueberry! It would be sin not to have this on the menu! A super moist and tangy lime cake, paired with lime curd buttercream and homemade blueberry conserve. Although the flavours do scream summer, but, if you ask us to….we can demolish this cake all year round!

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese buttercream

Inspiration : Red Velvet is no ordinary vanilla cake that is coloured red. This south american classic is all chemistry! This moist cake is paired with our silky smooth white chocolate cream cheese buttercream.

Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganache

Inspiration : For the ones who can never have enough chocolate. A rich and decadent chocolate cake filled with 53% belgian chocolate ganache.

Chocolate and Salted Caramel

Chocolate cake with Chocolate Ganache and a Salted caramel

Inspiration : Timeless combination of Salted Caramel and Chocolate come together in this sinful cake. Layers of decadent chocolate cake, filled with 53% Belgian chocolate ganache and a healthy dose of of our beloved salted caramel.