The Brand

Smiles should be bold and colourful. Laughter should be loud and noisy. Happiness should be sexy and packed with loads of style! The inspiration behind the name comes from the basic ethos and value that we carry. The mean of Felice is "Joy and Contentment". Happy people make happy food and that is exactly what makes a happy customer. We take the idea of showcasing our skill to a different level, where every creation is handcrafted with care using the most wholesome ingredients which showcases generosity. We take pride in using the most premium ingredients, whether using only premium quality couverture chocolates, premium cultured butter or extra virgin olive oil. We hope to expose everyone touched by Felice to nuanced taste for fine indulgences.

Shruti Kapre

head chef and co founder

Born and brought up in Pune, Shruti's penchant for baking was seen ever since she baked her first cake in solar cooker at the age of 10. Also a science and programming enthusiast, she pursued her Masters in Computers and was a product designer for more than 12 years. Then, one day the baker woke up from hibernations and then decided to quit her full time IT job and plunge all in to baking. This took her to Le Cordon Blue, London, where she mastered the nuances of traditional European baking. Chef Shruti honed her cake craft at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, London. This was her true happy space. Learning from the best in baking, surrounded by young chefs from across the world and oodles of delicious
memories. In 2017, she returned to Pune and launched the delightful Midnight Kakery. After building a fan following for quirky, high-quality baking, Chef
Shruti backed herself as the co-founder and Executive Chef at FELICE Pasticceria. Peep into the kitchen and you will love the happy vibe, filled with laughter and stylish baking.