The Brand

Felice, meaning "happy" in Italian, is more than just a name for our patisserie – it's our philosophy. We craft joy with every flaky croissant and decadent cake, using only the freshest , and cleanest ingredients.
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the delectable treats we create. We believe in fostering a happy workplace where our team members thrive, ensuring every bite you savor is filled with passion and positivity.
Because, we believe Happy people make happy Fooddd


Shruti Kapre

Shruti Kapre, the mastermind behind Felice Pasticceria, isn't your typical pastry chef.
For twelve years, she navigated the world of IT, but a hidden passion simmered beneath the surface –
a love for baking. It wasn't just a casual hobby; it was a deep-seated desire to create, to nurture, and to share the joy that comes from fresh, authentic baked goods.

This passion eventually proved too powerful to ignore. Shruti, a mother of a 6 year old, made a bold decision, a career leap that many might find daunting. She traded in her keyboard for a rolling pin and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu, London, a prestigious culinary school renowned for its exceptional pastry programs. With unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge, Shruti honed her skills, transforming her passion into a beautiful reality.

But Shruti's vision extended beyond personal fulfillment. She saw a gap in the market; a yearning for bakeries that celebrated the art of baking with clean ingredients and time-tested methods. Felice Pasticceria was born from this desire. Here, tradition meets innovation, with a focus on reviving the soul of baking – using high-quality, seasonal ingredients and techniques passed down through generations.

Shruti's journey is a testament to the power of following your dreams. Her passion for baking is evident in every flaky croissant, every decadent cake, and every delightful pastry that emerges from Felice's kitchen. So, when you indulge in a treat from Felice, you're not just savoring a delicious creation; you're experiencing the culmination of a dream fueled by love and a commitment to baking excellence.